Unique Denture Brush debut.

Unique Denture Brush debut.

It is a cleaning brush specially made for dentures.
Reduced denture cleaning time.
Simple and convenient for denture wearers.
The cleverly designed convex structure can properly clean every subtle corner of denture.
Vivid color make daily denture cleaning pleasant.

1.Place the denture cleaning brush in a steble level location,then placethe denture in the brush.(We recommened a sink-top or vamity)

2.Push down and turn the denture brush by hand and turn the denture.

3.If a stable base is not available,you can hold the cleaning brush with one hand,while holding the denture with the other hand,then rotate the brush.

4.Please brush the front and back of the denture separately.

5.After use,please clean the denture brush,using detergent if necessary.Rinse with water,and dry in a well-ventilated place.


Denture Brush